1Gateway release 3.4

It’s been a while, somehow writing code is always prioritised over writing updates for the website. It’s a mistake, I know. Anyway, the 3.4 release has been a while in the making, and we have some really cool new features – see below.

New end-to-end message flow display

The new end-to-end message flow display shows all the components involved in the integration. Clicking on one of the components shows recent messages that went through it.

New message display formats

In any message display context, you’ll find these new buttons. They control the way messages are displayed. The first two switch between tree view and raw json. The other two buttons toggle the content – show data, headers, or both.

Trace information in messages

Speaking of headers, there is some interesting new information in the headers. This screenshot shows the trace information. You can see at what time the message was produced, and how long it took for each component to process it. This information is essential when tuning a high volume deployment.

Other new features

  • 1Gateway light-weight agent for remote integrations;
  • Improved XML/XSLT support;
  • Performance improvements through multi-threaded senders and bulk messages;
  • Support file and backup download;
  • Guaranteed message delivery;
  • Central credential store;
  • Plugin configuration versioning and rollback;
  • Full audit trail;

As always, a big THANK YOU to our customers for providing the valuable feedback that steers our product direction.