1Gateway release 4.1

Continuing our journey towards component-based intuitive application integration, we are proud to announce the general availability of 1Gateway 4.1.

This release introduces a number of new features that are the result of customer feedback and market research. Several customers have told us that it can be difficult to understand the message flow through 1Gateway, or to configure the product to access and combine data from multiple sources. The technological advances made in AI are ubiquitous and 1Gateway enables customers to use their AI of choice to interpret and contextualize the data being exchanged.

New features in this release:

Improved message handling

  • Message trace view
    • A new graphical message display shows the flow of the message through the product, from its source through various transformations and queues, to its final destination.
  • Retry failed messages
    • This option grants users the ability to manually resend a previous message directly from within 1Gateway, addressing situations where the message failed to be inserted into the destination system.
  • Message collection store
    • A new message collection store allows users to save messages for testing and configuration.
  • Message editor
    • To facilitate testing, configuration and troubleshooting, a new message editor allows users to modify messages to cover all the different scenarios.
  • Resend messages
    • If, for whatever reason, a messages needs to be resent, in its original form or after editing, just hit the resend button and it will be inserted in the correct phase of the message flow.

New enrichment options

New field mappings complete the collection of enrichment options.

  • SQL database enrichment
  • MongoDB enrichment
  • REST enrichment mapping
  • Ask the AI mapping
  • Scripted (Groovy) mapping

Enhanced configuration

  • Test message management
    • Messages from the new message collection store can be used to configure and test field mappings.
  • Simulation Mode
    • During the configuration phase, the simulation mode is utilized to prevent messages from being forwarded to the destination system.
  • JSON schema validation
    • During the configuration process, when retrieving a new message from an endpoint, validation ensures that the message conforms to the required fields through normalization (best practices), facilitating seamless one-to-many integration.
  • Version Control
    • Maintain version control and the ability to rollback to previous versions for Plugin and Mapper configurations.
  • Full configuration retrieval
    • This feature enables users to download the 1Gateway configuration for the purpose of cloning a 1Gateway system setup. Simply drop the downloaded file onto a new, blank 1Gateway instance.