Faciligate, the company behind 1Gateway, has launched its partner program and is actively recruiting business and technology partners.

Business partners are service providers, consultants or integrators who want to use 1Gateway technology in their projects. Rene Duerst from Swiss-based Acentix, a Faciligate business partner, explains:

Acentix is not a typical software reseller, we sell a unified approach. We listen to our customers, understand their business challenges and propose an individual, holistic solution including products and services. Integration of different components is essential and becomes a crucial piece of such a solution.

We used to develop  point-to-point integrations for our customers over and over again, but now we found a better and more efficient way by utilising 1Gateway as the integration platform. 1Gateway gives us all the freedom and flexibility to address any customer integration needs in a short time, essential to our business success.

Technology partners are software vendors who can either propose 1Gateway as an option to integrate their products with other 3rd-party tools, or include 1Gateway as OEM in their solution.