Flexible message integration with reusability in mind


1Gateway is an enterprise-ready modular integration tool developed with reusability in mind. It can be used as a simple point-to-point integration between any pair of supported systems management tools, or it can be configured with sophisticated routing rules between multiple endpoints. At the heart of 1Gateway lies its normalization and routing engine, which takes data from any message-based tool and normalizes it into a common format. Next, routing rules are applied to determine where the data needs to go, and the data is forwarded to its destination.

Structure of 1Gateways innovative architecture

Common use cases for 1Gateway include bi-directional integrations between infrastructure and application monitoring tools, service desk, social media integration and alarm notification.

Cloud or on-premise? Your choice, we run 1Gateway as a service or you can run it onsite in a virtual appliance, or on any Java enabled OS.

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