logo customer infor
Modular architecture, reusable plugins, and message normalization - 1Gateway is so flexible that only your imagination defines the limit.

Mikael Ahlberg
Mikael Ahlberg, Infor
logo customer dfr aargau
The concept of 1Gateway fascinates me. Flexible mapping in combination with individual routing enables us to act upon new requirements fast and efficient.

Maurizio Mastropietro
Maurizio Mastropietro, DFR Canton Aargau
logo customer maxon
Thanks to 1Gateway, departments can still use their trusted tools when the centralized management solution cannot fulfill expectations. This furthers acceptance and improves the quality of the overall solution.

Markus Odermatt
Markus Odermatt, maxon
logo customer aXc
1Gateway ensures data consistency in the aXc customer portal (SLA reporting), across various monitoring tools. At the same time, we standardize our data integration and deliver accurate information to IT operations.

Christoph Marti
Christoph Marti, aXcelerate-solutions AG

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