Solutions: from Service Management to Unified Monitoring

Use cases

Cross-domain incident management

How to solve the burden of handling several incident management tools?

While troubleshooting a reported incident, you find that it needs to be handled by your service provider. You update the incident with the relevant information and assign it to a special user or group mapped to the service provider. The 1Gateway integration platform will pick up the assignment, open the incident in the service provider’s service desk tool and keep the two incidents synchronized throughout their lifetime. It’s as if your service provider and you were sharing the same service desk system.

Two Screens showing one incident in different Ticketing Systems

Best-of-breed monitoring

How to unify disparate monitoring products into a single solution?

Your management is keen to standardise on a single monitoring tool so they can have a comprehensive view of the state of the infrastructure and applications in a single window. At the same time, your DBAs refuse to move away from the tools they’ve been using for years, and you know that the single standardised solution will offer less functionality. Your network engineers give you a similar message – they need strong device support and topology based correlation and are unwilling to cooperate with the adoption of a tool that is going to make it harder to do their jobs. 1Gateway can help in these cases by integrating incumbent best-of-breed tools with a visualisation and reporting platform of choice.

Screen Showing Metreics and Status Icons of a Service

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