At Faciligate we like to make things easy


“Faciligate” is the Esperanto word for “facilitate”, or to make things easy. If we were to formulate our goals in a single mission statement, it would be “to make things easy”. We’d really like to make all things easy, and one day we might, but for the moment we concentrate our efforts on our area of expertise: systems management.

Faciligate was founded by systems management veterans who, combined, have more than a century experience developing, selling, implementing and maintaining systems management products like CA UIM (aka Nimsoft or Nimbus), BMC Patrol, IBM Tivoli, CommandPost and many others. While working for these companies, we found that there is demand for integration between different products that usually is resolved through bespoke development, with disadvantages such as lack of support and maintenance.

Our 1Gateway product proves that integration doesn’t need to be costly or hard. Faciligate provides supported, out of the box integrations between products like Zabbix, CA UIM aka Nimsoft, PRTG, ServiceNow, CeeView, EyeShare, HP Openview, and many others, leveraging your investment while consolidating all data in the visualization and reporting tool of your choice. Not happy with any of the visualisations? No problem, we integrate excellent open source tools like OpenTSDB and Grafana for best of breed user experience.

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